A Powerful Statement About Goodreads Censorship

I have to share this review with all of you.  It addresses the Goodreads censorship policy, and is written by a teenager named Nour Sharif living in the middle east.


Here is just a quote I took from it. (Or you can Read her full review)


"Let me tell you something maybe a lot of you people are not aware of. We, people who live in the Middle East, look up towards the west, where presumably, everyone is free to say and do whatever they want, bounded by no tradition or religious law whatsoever. But when this kind of law is forced upon everyone from the west itself, we lose hope. We lose hope that anything will be good again. And well for someone (me), who has suffered a lot because of that (Facebook only made my freedom of speech more restricted), I found a haven for myself in Goodreads, where apparently no one gives a fuck whether you insult or disagree with them because well, they don’t care. And because they are mature enough to ignore any insults under the pretext that it is “your opinion”.


Read her full review



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